Light Pink Pointer

Foreword: Star of the show means song(s) that are the reason I even bought the CD in the first place.

I usually look for songs and then find the album and buy it.

Mister Max - My Energy STAR OF THE SHOW. 4/5

Baby Energy - Boom Boom In My Heart it's a song. Not much to say. 2/5

Mister Tom - Sex Bang Another banger! I will never understand song names but what do I know. Its just words 4/5

Chemical Boy - King Of Fire Kind of repetitive. Not much energy. 2/5

Romeo - Tokio Night I remember doing something or associating something to this and i have a hunch but forgot. Typically i listened to this album during my last exams before graduation. I wish there were more lyrics or some change, it wouldve been even more banger. 3/5

Laurie - Game really cool instrumental at the beginning. Then it kinda spirals down. 2/5

Cyborg - Cybernetic Fire I dont even have recollection of this. Why is it kinda good tho... I like the vocal 3/5

Fire Man - Dancing In The Dark really cool instrumental at the beginning again. This is that kind of obscure vic eurobeat sound. I cant even explain what it makes me feel. vocals and lyrics leave something to be desired tho 3/5

Debbie Key - Never Ending Love its a song 2/5

Lady Princess - Queen Of The Night STAR OF THE SHOW ITS NOT EVEN *THAT* GOOD... but the instrumental in the beginning is everything i love. it kind of sounds like running in the 90s beginning. vocals are ok, but i wish they had gone more in the direction of that first instrumental with the rest of the direction of the song. 4/5

Max Casanova - Don't Stop Moving i dont know i dont feel this one 2/5

David - Revolution its a song. once again. no feelings 2/5

Mark Foster - Man Of The Moon another song reminding me of dottore x reader wattpad and studying for my graduation exams. it sounds very gentle 4/5

Knick Knack - Your Love Again didnt even remember this one but the vocals seem very familiar especially from eurobeat. idk. i like this old sound 3/5

Lisa Ferrari - Love In Music another one i dont feel strongly about because its boring to me 2/5

Joe Tempest - Shock The Night nice vocals reminding me of nick from hnrg attack but the chorus is the only interesting thing sadly 2/5

Mary London - Sunshine Of Your Love really boring 1/5

Keki - Say Goodbye also boring but the part with only the instrumental in the middle was kinda cute 2/5

Michael Fortunati - Into The Night 2000 (P.K.G. Euro Tech Mix) this is like whiplash after the others. Not a fan of the vocals at all 1/5

Axel Force - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (Red Monster Mix) ending this album on a boring note..... 1/5

Dance Panic! Presents Euro Panic! Vol. 1